Welcome to the
Dar Us Salaam

Dar us Salaam is a thriving mosque in the heart of Nottingham, dedicated to fostering unity, spirituality, and community among Muslims and beyond. With a rich heritage and a commitment to serving the needs of our diverse community, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

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Support Our Community and Make a Lasting Impact.

Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we invite you to join our vibrant community. Whether you are interested in volunteering, attending our educational programs, or participating in community events, there are numerous opportunities to engage and make a difference.

Join us at Dar Us Salaam, where unity, spirituality, and community flourish. Together, let us build bridges, strengthen our faith, and strive to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Total Project Cost: 2.5mil £

£1mil raised

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Ramadan Prep Workshop, More Details


Our Mosque

At Dar us Salaam, we believe a mosque is not just a place of worship but a centre for learning, support, and social interaction. Our beautiful mosque serves as a spiritual sanctuary where Muslims gather for congregational prayers, engage in contemplation, and find solace in the remembrance of Allah. We offer a tranquil space for individuals to reconnect with their faith, seek guidance, and find strength in the company of fellow believers.

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Community with over 62 different
nationalities represented.


Over 1,200 men and women attend the
weekly Jumma prayer service.

0 %

60 percent of our community
is under the age of 34.