Nottingham is situated in the East Midlands of England (approximately 120 miles from London). Over the years Muslims from various parts of the world (including a large student population from the Middle East) have settled and grown into a substantial Muslim community.

The volunteers who currenty manage the Masjid are working extremely hard to manage the growth of Muslims and their needs. The present Masjid is a conversion of a semi-detached house. In recent years the problem has become more acute and some of the ongoing difficulties we face are as follows:

  • We cannot accommodate for the Jumu’a, ‘Eid or Janazah prayers and therefore these currently take place at another location.
  • Only a limited number of children can be taught at any one time.
  • Lack of proper Wudhu facilities.
  • No seperate provision for sisters.
  • No mortuary.
  • No library, information or computer facility for children.

Due to the lack of space, facilities, resources and the increasing number of Muslims attending, a larger premisies has become an absolute necessity.

To address these problems, we have acquired some land in the heart of the Muslim community, just opposite the existing building. In order to complete this honourable and enormous task for the Pleasure of Allah, we appeal to all Muslims to join in this cause by donating generously.